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Brookwood Drive is a Chicago-area band formed in November 2021. 

Over the course of the year, and a couple of personnel changes, fate brought together four guys with the same love for playing music. A melding of blues, rock, and funk with a pinch of salt are the ingredients in the recipe of their music. Served hot and fresh.

Brookwood Drive tells the story of our lives – past or present, real or imagined. They’re a band that captures a groove that holds you and won’t let go. A fun band that you’d like to take home with you.


Mark Miller 

Guitar and Vocals

Mark has toured with numerous bands and artists, delivering hot licks, driving rhythms and soulful singing. Having survived a near-fatal capybara attack, Mark found his passion for playing music again after a brief hiatus. Playing his guitar with a smile, style, and never-ending energy, he returned to his music - the blues.

Carlos Gonzalez



A man of few words, but with a message that is loud and clear. He prefers to play in the pocket. During the last three decades, he has recorded and performed with a number of Chicago-area bands playing various types of rock, pop, and country music. "Playing the blues again is like reuniting with an old friend." - CG.

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Bob Raudys

Keys and Vocals


Bob’s origins were in classical music. Fearing for his musical life at a very young age and not knowing any better, he sabotaged his future at Juilliard by telling one of the judges that his favorite pianist was Elton John. Having successfully ruined his chances there, the road was wide open to uncertainty. Since the mid-70’s, he’s played different styles of music, but always came back to the blues and rock ‘n roll.

Glover Washington



As a child, Glover started playing drums at his grandmother's church by divine intervention. Throughout his high school years, he performed for gospel artists Inez Andrews and Rev. Stanley Keeble. As an undergraduate at the University of Illinois, he became interested in jazz music, performing with the University of Illinois Black Chorus under the direction of Dr. Ollie Watts Davis. After his college years, he went back to Chicago, where he started performing with many bands and solo artists.